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EZO (beta) Stability in ActionCompare Volatility % Against Major Stablecoins

Stablecoins created on top of Element Zero's platform such as EZO coin are considered a security token based on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Howey test and therefore are limited to accredited investors in some countries such as the US. In order to allow non accredited investors to hold such stablecoins, Element Zero is planning to comply with the SEC Reg S1 which is the process that public companies go through before they make a public offering.

Until SEC compliance is completed, Element Zero will allow the community to test the stablecoin solution by launching a Beta version of the stablecoin (EZO beta). This token has been stripped of all elements that make it security but still utilizes the main stability protocol.

The EZO beta can ONLY be used for testing the stability protocol and is subject to the following:

  • During the Beta stage, businesses cannot launch their own stablecoins
  • During the Beta stage there will be no open source ability and no token can be built on top of the EZO Beta
  • The EZO Beta will NOT have the element that overcomes inflation, which means the EZO Beta face value will be $100 during the buy or sell, without ability to keep the purchasing power in case of inflation changes.
  • The EZO Beta will have zero transaction fees.
  • 100% of the funds used to purchase the EZO (beta) are locked in a smart contract and none of the locked funds are able to help Element Zero's development or expenses.
  • After the S1 comply completed, the use of Beta will be stopped, and users will need to return their Beta stablecoin to system.
  • Once users will return their EZO Beta to the system, the smart contract will use the locked funds to pay back users back $100 per each EZO Beta. after all the redemption completed if their will a situation that system own users’ funds, because the funds in the smart contract is not enough to cover the balance, this balance will be paid from Element Zero future reserve.
  • There is no ability to purchase the Beta stablecoin for a discount or to produce any kind of profits from it.